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20 December 2022 – In Malaysia, being bilingual or trilingual is a common admirable trait, but to be a polyglot or a hyperpolyglot?

Well, would it not be something impressive to add to our resume as it is a known understanding that an estimation of only about 3% of the world’s total population can speak more than four or five languages?

To master and learn a new language in the most effective way, language and cultural immersion is indeed, the key. Anon, Centre for Modern Languages (CML), in collaboration with Centre for International Relations(CIR) opened her door and hosted the first UMP Language and Cultural Carnival 2022 (UMPLCC 2022) on Saturday, 17 December 2022 at Astaka, UMP Paya Besar Campus, Gambang.

It almost felt surreal that the long-awaited physical big event for CML as well as for CIR finally took place as nearly 1000 students attended the events. Some participants even cladded in their cultural or traditional garments representing their nationality or countries!

Bearing the theme of “Language Empowerment and Language Diversity for Global Competence & Sustainable Lifelong Goals” which is in line with the fourth Sustainable Developmental Goal (SDG4), Quality Education, the 8.30 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. carnival, among others, was also the platform to highlight the importance of understanding international culture and language varieties around the world.

More specific objectives of the carnival were:
1. To promote and create awareness on various courses offered by CML to all undergraduate students;
2. To stimulate students’ interest in learning and mastering languages from the courses offered in CML;
3. To provide conducive, fun and authentic environment to facilitate language learning and create opportunity to use the languages;
4. To allow students to hone their soft skills through various activities and competitions that put emphasise on communication and teamwork skills;
5. To inculcate international cultural awareness among UMP students and
6. To provide a platform to introduce Language Empowerment and Assistance Programme with CML Language Support Unit (LEAP with CML) and to launch SPPT courses to UMP staff in relation to “Quality Education” theme.

Hence, to meet most of the objectives, seventeen language booths from CML were set up to promote English and foreign language courses in UMP. In addition, nine CIR booths were also included to celebrate international students from UMP.

All booths' facilitators and coordinators seemed to step up their game with fun and interactive language and cultural games, educational activities and props celebrating identities and culture from around the world.

It is also worth to mention here that booths by international students also prepared and served scrumptious cultural-based food to the visitors. All the hard work was surely paid off seeing all the carnival visitors having the best of their time and jovially swarmed one captivating booth after another.

To name a few interesting games from the booths: Twisty Tongue (UHL2412),
Escape Room (UHL2442), The Interview (UHL2432), Code Hunt (UHL2452)
Glimpses into SPPT, Japanese Crossword Puzzle (Japanese), Dictation Competition (German), Word Hunter (Arabic) and many more!

Prior to the event, three online competitions were conducted which began with SDG-Themed TikTok Challenge, Newscaster & Field Reporter and ended with Campus Journalist. Meanwhile, Spelling Bee Competition and Movie Language and Culture Trivia Quiz were the highlights on the day of the event.

Among other most anticipated carnival highlights:
1. Forum: “Technical knowledge is more important than language mastery at the workplace: Myth or Fact?”;
2. Launching of “LEAP with CML”;
3. Cultural performances by UMP international students and
4. Lucky draws

The carnival was at its peak with the arrival of Professor TS. Dr. Kamal Yusoh, the Deputy Vice-Chancellor of UMP (representative of UMP Vice-Chancellor), who later officiated the closing ceremony.

Also presented, the CML Dean - Associate Prof. Dr. Nik Aloesnita Nik Mohd Alwi, UMPLCC 2022 Programme Director - Dr. Ezihaslinda Ngah, Chief Executive Officer of Makmur Gold - Mr. Mohd Faizuddin Che Mahmood, Manager of Koperasi Makmur Malaysia Berhad - Mr. Murshidi Jailan, and CML Deputy Dean of Academic - Dr. Fatimah Ali.

The atmosphere during the closing ceremony was further heightened as some of the audience cheered, sang along and danced together during Bahasa Melayu Performance by the UHF2192 Bahasa Melayu for Communication Students, Chords of India by the UMP International Community and the Do, Re, Mi the Sound of Music by UHL, UHF, & UHD students.

The audience then cheered louder for the winners who stamped their marks in the competitions and also the lucky draw winners who bagged cash prizes, gold rings and a brand-new bicycle!

To cap, UMPLCC 2022 was a success. We would like to express our sincerest gratitude and thanks to everyone for your hard work and commitment in ensuring UMP Language & Cultural Carnival 2022 (UMPLCC 2022) a success especially all the committee members, student facilitators, performers and of course, our generous sponsors:
1. Pengurusan Pasir Pahang Berhad;
2. Makmur Gold;
3. Eyecon Optometry Kuantan;
4. Delta Engineering Services Sdn Bhd and
5. CRG Chicken Rice Guys

Auf wiedersehen! #UMPLCC2022


Prepared by: Marziah Ramli, Sarah Hj. Zulkiple & Dr. Ezihaslinda Ngah.

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