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5 October 2022 – Centre for Modern Languages (CML) has successfully organised an English enrichment programme on 28 September 2022, involving 144 participants of upper secondary students from 18 schools of Pekan District.

The one-day programme was a co joint effort with Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Indera Shahbandar (SMKIS) and was held in conjunction with the implementation of a learning program organised by Menara Gading Academy UMP Yayasan Al-Sultan Abdullah (AMG UMP YASA).

This programme is in line with the fourth Sustainable Developmental Goal (SDG4), Quality Education. Hence, the objectives of the programme are twofold:
1. To increase the awareness of the participants on the importance of English communication skills.
2. To uphold the value of experiential learning.

Throughout the programme, participants were divided into groups and required to complete 10 activities at various locations, including checkpoints around CML building and UMP library.

Each group was also accompanied by a facilitator to guide and facilitate them throughout the game. To add, a total of 65 UMP diploma students were selected and trained as the facilitators for assisting the students in this programme.

Other than the students, the 36 accompanying teachers for the students also benefitted from this programme as they were invited to attend an English teaching and learning workshop conducted by senior lecturers at CML, namely Creative Teaching: Gamifying Your Lessons.

The workshop served as an exposure and knowledge sharing session between CML and the local community, especially English teachers in Pekan District. It also received a generous sponsorship from the EAST Academy of Offshore Catering.

To sum, it was a successful event. We hope that the students had a great time and enjoyed all the educational games within the expansion of all four main skills of language learning: speaking, listening, writing and reading plus grammar and vocabulary.

Prepared by: Nabila Abdul Malek

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