As a centre that avidly promotes lifelong learning, we take pride in our commitment and expertise to provide the best of experiential learning be it in the second or foreign language classroom. In UMP, we do not just co-exist. We work complementarily with other faculties and departments towards producing holistic graduates who are not only relevant to industrial needs but also globally competent in language and communication. To pull this off, we are giving our all to provide cutting-edge facilities and tools for the students to utilise on top of having our syllabuses aligned to CEFR. Apart from offering undergraduate courses, there are also postgraduate programmes at both Master’s and PhD levels to be excavated by curious minds out there.   

We hope that your experience with us here at the Centre for Modern Languages is nothing but an inspiring quest for knowledge and wisdom intending at bringing greater benefits for the greater good of the whole society. Inshaallah.

Associate Professor Dr. Nik Aloesnita Nik Mohd Alwi

Centre for Modern Languages